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Some news!

And it is news although it’s about olds. The olds being old books – well, let us not say “old”, let us say “timeless”. To be specific, many of my early novels have now been reissued.

All eight Albert Samson and all three Leroy Powder novels are now freshly available in all popular electronic formats, throughout the world. And except the US and Canada they’re also available as new paperback and hardback books.

Sorry about that, US and Canada. But as compensation you can get three more novels (electronically) that the rest of the world can’t get. These are my Indianapolis mysteries, UNDERDOG and AND BABY WILL FALL, which both feature some of my other characters in them. As well, you can get FAMILY BUSINESS. This is completely different, set in the city where I live now (Bath, England) and is the first of the Lunghi family novels.

Does it sound a bit complicated? Well it’s been a long process, involving two different publishers, two countires, and two sets of new book covers. I’ve attached the new cover for my first ever mystery, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION. It’s the one you can get in the US and Canada. But I’ve posted the other new ASK cover on my website.

But do check out your favorite/​favourite online suppliers of books to see all the covers, titles, and editions available to you. If, that is, you’re inclined to read or reread some of these books.

And as a special tempter, on February 18th only, those of you in the US and Canada will be able to get HARD LINE (2nd of the Powder novels) at a discounted price. Give it a try?

And that’s the news. Given that I haven’t issued a newsletter for three years I guess you believe me when I say on my website that I won’t inundate you with them.

And otherwise, things here are good here – apart from the unreliability of British weather. I’m continuing to work and will announce things as they emerge. And as well I have it in mind to publish a collection of Samson stories that have otherwise only been available individually in magazines. Four of them are linked and one won a prize (and another a nomination.) So later this year. Or next…

Meanwhile you can keep up to date on my website – where, among other things, I now try to post a picture every month or two as I wander around this part of the world.

I hope you’re well too.

Michael Z. Lewin


A new Albert Samson book!

November 28, 2018

A new book! Just out is ALIEN QUARTET, a collection of four linked Albert Samson short stories – nice cover, eh? Well, I think so.

The stories have all been published before, in Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine, but they’ve never been together in a book.

They’re linked because Samson’s client in the first story returns in each of the others. Sometimes he’s the client again, and sometimes he turns up with someone else who needs PI help. I’m not a student of detective stories but it’s unusual for clients – as opposed to investigators – to be series characters.

Anyway, I really like these stories and I hope you will too. They do already have some fans. Two have been nominated for prizes, and one won it: the Shamus, for the best PI story of the year.

Following the stories is a short Afterword – a bit about writing the stories and about coming up with Albert Samson in the first place. Some of this material has never appeared elsewhere, if you’re interested in that sort of thing – not even on the website (MichaelZLewin.com).

The book is available in soft cover (ISBN 9781532061097) as well as on all electronic formats. And if you’re a bookseller, soft cover copies may be purchased on sale or return through the end of 2019.

If you’re receiving this, chances are high that you already know – or knew – who Albert Samson is: a private detective who lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana. The first of the eight Samson novels was published in 1971; the most recent in 2004. Happily Samson has not aged as rapidly as I have…

And otherwise? Well, another Ellery Queen story will be published next year in a book celebrating the 25th year of the Crippen & Landru publishing imprint, which has been pre-eminent in the English speaking world for keeping author collections of mystery short stories going. My contribution, “Death Row” in the collection (tentatively called SILVER BULLETS: Stories in Celebration of Crippen & Landru's 25th anniversary) is set in a pub in Bath, England (down the road from where I live these days.) Death Row, in a pub…? All is revealed, and that part of the story is real.

Recently – well, two years ago – in another anthology, a new Lunghi family story was included in a book celebrating the 80th birthday of legendary mystery writer, Peter Lovesey. That’s called MOTIVES FOR MURDER, and my story is “The Right Thing.” All the contributors are members of The Detection Club, a group that has an interesting history too, if you’re inclined to look it up. The story has only ever been published in this book.

Otherwise…? Keep on truckin’.


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The three Lt Leroy Powder novels. Click on the blue titles for more information.
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