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Some news!

And it is news although itís about olds. The olds being old books Ė well, let us not say ďoldĒ, let us say ďtimelessĒ. To be specific, many of my early novels have now been reissued.

All eight Albert Samson and all three Leroy Powder novels are now freshly available in all popular electronic formats, throughout the world. And except the US and Canada theyíre also available as new paperback and hardback books.

Sorry about that, US and Canada. But as compensation you can get three more novels (electronically) that the rest of the world canít get. These are my Indianapolis mysteries, UNDERDOG and AND BABY WILL FALL, which both feature some of my other characters in them. As well, you can get FAMILY BUSINESS. This is completely different, set in the city where I live now (Bath, England) and is the first of the Lunghi family novels.

Does it sound a bit complicated? Well itís been a long process, involving two different publishers, two countires, and two sets of new book covers. Iíve attached the new cover for my first ever mystery, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION. Itís the one you can get in the US and Canada. But Iíve posted the other new ASK cover on my website.

But do check out your favorite/​favourite online suppliers of books to see all the covers, titles, and editions available to you. If, that is, youíre inclined to read or reread some of these books.

And as a special tempter, on February 18th only, those of you in the US and Canada will be able to get HARD LINE (2nd of the Powder novels) at a discounted price. Give it a try?

And thatís the news. Given that I havenít issued a newsletter for three years I guess you believe me when I say on my website that I wonít inundate you with them.

And otherwise, things here are good here Ė apart from the unreliability of British weather. Iím continuing to work and will announce things as they emerge. And as well I have it in mind to publish a collection of Samson stories that have otherwise only been available individually in magazines. Four of them are linked and one won a prize (and another a nomination.) So later this year. Or nextÖ

Meanwhile you can keep up to date on my website Ė where, among other things, I now try to post a picture every month or two as I wander around this part of the world.

I hope youíre well too.

Michael Z. Lewin


Michael Z. Lewin Newsletter - August 2007

August 1, 2007


Summer greetings from Bath. Well, I call it summer because the days are longer than the nights but May, June and most of July were almost unremittingly wet and cool. You may have heard about the fierce flooding that took place too Ė first in the north of England and more recently only about forty miles north of Bath. Happily that seems to be over now, but is anything as full of surprises as the weather these days?


Well, maybe OH JOE isÖ Iím pleased to let you know about a novel that will be published in the US in about a year. OH JOE is narrated by Joe Prince who lives in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. Yes, that is the same part of the city that Albert Samson and his family live in, but Joe doesnít meet the Samsons or any of my other characters for more than a sentence or two. Homer Proffitt does have a couple of lines (which will please Marian Allenís mom) but the book is otherwise a stand-alone novel.

And Joe, like many heroes of books, has a tragic flaw. For all his adult life heís hated being alone at night. Unfortunately, just before the book begins his girlfriend, Kelly, went away for a few days, to a funeral in Las Vegas. Joe knows a grown-up guy ought to be able to cope, especially for something like that. Unfortunately he didnít quite manage. So his life is in a crisis. He knows thereís no hope for him (and Kelly) unless he managed to become a real grown-up.

So, to fight his own nature, Joe agrees to house-sit a houseboat in the middle of a reservoir. That way heíll have to cope with being alone and he can learn to be a better man. Unfortunately thereís a murder. Then the possibility that an ID parade will be held for a dog Ė the dog being the witness. And then things get complicatedÖ

The book is due out in July 2008 from Five Star. Iíll put more details on my website when I have them.

Albert Samson

Ellery Queenís Mystery Magazine will be publishing the first-ever short story about Albert Samson. I donít yet know when Ė it may not even be until next year. But I thought you might like to know its coming.

The story picks up Samson (and his daughter, Sam) at a time after the most recent Samson novel, EYE OPENER. Itís called ďThe Wilt of LoveĒ. Yes, a somewhat odd title, I know, and no, itís not that kind of wilt. But itíll make sense when you read the story. I hopeÖ

Death Row

A second story will be coming out in Alfred Hitchcockís Mystery Magazine at some point too. This story is set in England and the Death Row of the title refers to a special bench in a pub here in Bath. Itís a real bench and a real pub, just down the street from where I live. I do hope they havenít really suffered the events of the story, however.


Often in these newsletters Iíve made suggestions of places to go for those of you who might be visiting beautiful Bath. Unfortunately Iíve had a bit of a knack of recommending little places only to watch them go out of business soon after Iíve written about them. Itís happened in my books too. In Eye Opener, for instance, there were scenes at a coffee shop called Cathís on the northside and at another called Roxanneís in Fountain Square. Both now gone, alas.

So this time for Bath let me recommend some of the cityís lovely parks. Thereís posh park between the Abbey and the river but they charge money to go into it. Iím meaning some of the others. For instance Henrietta Park that includes a little scent garden. And another, Hedgemead Park, across from the lovely crescent-shaped row of buildings called The Paragon.

Both are in the centre/center of the city and are beautifully maintained. Glorious to be out in on a nice day. The picture of my grandson on my website was taken in Henrietta Park. And Iím putting a couple of pictures from Hedgemead Park on the site today.

Other works

I do have other books and projects at various stages in the literary pipeline. Their flow has been slowed by problems Iíve had finding the right agent for them and for me. But when thereís news, Iíll let you know.

Click on the title for more information.

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B - Albert Samson Novels
C - Short story collection
Stories written over a period of twenty years or so, along with an introduction - by me - about writing stories and an extensive bibliography of my crime writing. Click on the blue title for more information.
D - Leroy Powder Novels
The three Lt Leroy Powder novels. Click on the blue titles for more information.
E - The Lunghi family private detective novels
Three generations of an Italian family run a private detective agency in Bath, England. Ever seen a detective agency run as a family business? I don't think so. Click on the titles for more information.
F - other Indianapolis novels
A homeless "entrepreneur" in Indianapolis gets more than he bargains for when he sees an opportunity in UNDERDOG. Albert Samson's woman friend gets a book of her own in AND BABY WILL FALL. A mystery writer finds himself compelled to participate in a real life mystery in OUTSIDE IN. Click on the titles for more information.
G - a historical mystery
A young woman pursues her best friend's killer in 19th Century US and England. Click on the title for more information.
H - stories told by Rover
Rover, a stray dog, describes his live as a crusader on behalf of downtrodden dogs. Click on the titles for more information.
I - novelization of a film script and non-fiction book
Sean Connery starred in the movie THE NEXT MAN and I wrote the book while it was being filmed. HOW TO BEAT COLLEGE TESTS was my first book. Click on the titles for more information.