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Some news!

And it is news although it’s about olds. The olds being old books – well, let us not say “old”, let us say “timeless”. To be specific, many of my early novels have now been reissued.

All eight Albert Samson and all three Leroy Powder novels are now freshly available in all popular electronic formats, throughout the world. And except the US and Canada they’re also available as new paperback and hardback books.

Sorry about that, US and Canada. But as compensation you can get three more novels (electronically) that the rest of the world can’t get. These are my Indianapolis mysteries, UNDERDOG and AND BABY WILL FALL, which both feature some of my other characters in them. As well, you can get FAMILY BUSINESS. This is completely different, set in the city where I live now (Bath, England) and is the first of the Lunghi family novels.

Does it sound a bit complicated? Well it’s been a long process, involving two different publishers, two countires, and two sets of new book covers. I’ve attached the new cover for my first ever mystery, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION. It’s the one you can get in the US and Canada. But I’ve posted the other new ASK cover on my website.

But do check out your favorite/​favourite online suppliers of books to see all the covers, titles, and editions available to you. If, that is, you’re inclined to read or reread some of these books.

And as a special tempter, on February 18th only, those of you in the US and Canada will be able to get HARD LINE (2nd of the Powder novels) at a discounted price. Give it a try?

And that’s the news. Given that I haven’t issued a newsletter for three years I guess you believe me when I say on my website that I won’t inundate you with them.

And otherwise, things here are good here – apart from the unreliability of British weather. I’m continuing to work and will announce things as they emerge. And as well I have it in mind to publish a collection of Samson stories that have otherwise only been available individually in magazines. Four of them are linked and one won a prize (and another a nomination.) So later this year. Or next…

Meanwhile you can keep up to date on my website – where, among other things, I now try to post a picture every month or two as I wander around this part of the world.

I hope you’re well too.

Michael Z. Lewin


Michael Z. Lewin Newsletter November 2011

November 6, 2011

Hi, everyone.

I hope you’ve recovered from Halloween, if that applies in your part of the world. Hereabouts it’s been Bonfire Night: equally mystifying.

This one of my infrequent newsletters is primarily to let you know about two imminent publications and one recent one.


If you’re familiar with my series about a family that runs a private detective business in Bath, England, you’ll maybe be aware from the title that this is a new novel about the Lunghis. It takes place on the day of the Walcot Nation Day – a giant (and real) street party that took place annually on Walcot Street, where the Lunghis home and business is.

In the real world my apartment overlooks Walcot Street. The book’s publisher, Five Star, used some of the pictures I took of the last Nation Day to make the book’s cover. The cover and some of the source pictures are currently on the Events page of my website. Publication date is December 16th and the ISBN-13 number is 978-1-4328-2542-3. The price is $25.95. Buy early, buy often.


Shorter, cheaper (less than $2), but less new is this collection of three Lunghi short stories (originally published in various editions of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine.) I rewrote them – some more and some less – for this short electronic “book”. I’m aware that people often have trouble getting my short stories and this is my latest attempt at trying to address that. The book is available on Amazon in the US, UK, Germany and France. It can be downloaded to a Kindle or direct to your computer. And I hope soon that it’ll be available for several other electronic platforms. I am trying to make stories more easily available.

A new (long) Lunghi story, “Love and Death”, will be out in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine sometime next year. I’ll post details on the website as soon as I have them.


Many of you have indicated that you’ve read the Samson books over the years. In December’s Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine there’s a new, long Samson story called “Who I Am.” Moreover, the client in this story will reappear in at least two more stories in the same magazine over the next year or two.

Individual copies of the edition will likely be available eventually on places like Amazon – and I believe you can order them directly from EQMM. Subscriptions are also available on Kindle. But I wanted to let you know that these stories exist, if you’re interested enough to look for them.



Earlier this summer I published a story in The Strand Magazine, the venerable publication that originally published the Sherlock Holmes stories. My story was no Holmes but it was something different for me: a ghost story. For various reasons I haven’t actually seen a copy of the magazine so I can’t tell you its date or more details of how to find it (if you want to.) I think the story was published as “Suspended Souls” but I hope to be able to confirm more details on my website soon.


This isn’t something I’ve written, but I do want to call your attention to this new and brilliant book by Liza Cody. Yes, she is a friend, and yes, she is the “Liza” that FAMILY TRIO is dedicated to (she acted as editor for the book and is pictured on the cover in a photo taken by Sam Camden-Smith.) Doubt my neutrality if you care to, but it’s still a wonderful, complex and supremely entertaining read. I wish I had written it. Available in hardback, paperback and (very cheaply at $2.99) electronically.

And that’s about it. I hope there’s been something in this that you’re glad to know about. And I hope too that you have a warm and bounteous holiday season.

Michael Z. Lewin 6 November 2011

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