My new Lunghi story, "The Right Thing", is in this anthology which marks the wonderful Peter Lovesey's 80th birthday with stories and reminicences.

"Who I Am", which appeared in the Ellery Queen magazine below, won the 2012 Shamus Award for the best story of 2011. I'm thrilled that the Private Eye Writers of America recognized the story this way. It's a story that I am proud of and for it to be recognized by my peers is particularly pleasing.

The Albert Samson story, "Extra Fries", another in the series, was nominated for the 2014 short story Shamus for the best PI story of 2013.

The same year "Who I Am" won, a second of my stories was nominated for a very different prize:

"Anything To Win" in The Strand Magazine was nominated for Best Short Story at the ThrillerFest which took place in New York in mid-July. It didn't win but I'm still delighted at the unexpected acknowledgement. Go to my Works page to have a look at how the story starts.

In mid-December 2011 a new Lunghi novel was published in the US. For more information go to the Events page.

Shall I read you a story? Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine has a free podcast and the March one has me, Liza Cody and Peter Lovesey all reading stories. We talk about how we came to write them and, as a bonus, you get to hear a piano piece written and played by my son.

The sound on the 3-way conversation is a little blurred because the microphone was moved around during the recording, but the stories are clear. And so is "Roger's Blues." And - as I said - it's free...

Odd to think that after the first Albert Samson novel I wrote all the others while living in England - about as far away from Indianapolis, visually, as you can get.

People sometimes ask me to sell them books - which is cool and I can now send books to people unable to pay in US dollars or UK pounds.

I have an account with PayPal, the money transfer system associated with eBay. PayPal can be used to send money in almost any currency.


I'm pleased to announce a new Albert Samson book:

ALIEN QUARTET puts together four linked Samson stories.

The link - besides all being set, as ever, in Indianapolis, and during a single year - is that the client in the first story returns in each of the others. Here's a teaser, that first client is LeBron James, who wants Samson to investigate a break-in at his run-down Indy home...

The stories have previously been published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, but never together. I like them a lot and, happily, some other people have as well. Two of the four were nominated for the Shamus, and one won that prize (Best PI story of the year.) As well, Ellery Queen’s editor was among those suggesting I publish them together. Well, now (at last) I have. Soft cover and all electronic formats. Over to you.

If you like the look of these fries, they're available (without the bullet hole) at the Guildhall Café in central Bath.

Well, research is an important part of storytelling...

Somewhat older news now, but still good, is that fourteen of my mysteries have now been reissued in the US and Canada in (all) electronic formats.

The books include the complete Albert Samson series, the complete Leroy Powder series, and two more Indianapolis novels (Underdog and And Baby Will Fall) in which some of my series characters make supporting appearances. As well there's the first of my British-set mysteries, set in Bath. Did I mention I'm thrilled? I'm thrilled!

Here's the new cover for that first Albert Samson appearance.

Appearing now at your favorite electronic retailer - if you're in the US or Canada.

But for all of you in the rest of the world new editions of the Samson and Powder books are now available - in electronic formats and also as paperbacks and hardbacks via print on demand. Folks in northern North America will not be allowed to have them (at least theoretically.) Here's a sample cover. I'm thrilled s'more!

Here's the new cover for ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION!

Something rather different, CONFESSIONS OF A DISCONTENTED DEITY, continues to be available on all electronic platforms. If you have trouble finding it, try the book search on Smashwords.

Available electronically from Amazon: CONFESSIONS of a DISCONTENTED DEITY. It's different from my other work, but you'll recognize the style if you're used to it. $2.99 and equivalent in other countries. To read a sample click at the top of the column on the right.

Ever wondered what God is like? Well think about it: He made man in His own image, right? So if you look at men and work backwards you'll get the idea. Which explains a lot.

CONFESSIONS is narrated by God and describes a period of His life when He finds Himself changing. That not only surprises Him, it confuses Him and he gets slapped a lot.

But God is nothing if not a problem-solver. In this book He describes how He went about trying to understand Himself and work out what he should do about modern man. And modern woman.

CONFESSIONS is now available in a paperback edition in Japan. Here is what the cover looks like.

Here's what the legendary mystery writer, Peter Lovesey, says about CONFESSIONS of a DISCONTENTED DEITY:

"Confessions is a joy and I’m sure it will entertain and amuse everyone lucky enough to read it, bishops, priests and born-again Christians included. Rabbis, too. There’s such good sense and wisdom at the heart of this wonderful romp through heaven and earth. The idea is inspired and the energy and ingenuity of each chapter explore the nature of, well, almost everything that matters. The brilliance is that while we are treated to such fun with a God learning to be streetwise, the story is rooted in good theology. I hope He will return."

For exerpts from more reviews, click on the book title in the column on the right.

There are four five star reviews for the book on the US Amazon site now. One says, among other things, "...If you like Lewin, read this novel." Another compares it to Twain and Vonnegut. A third is by my sister. But it's not expensive, $2.99 for now. Give it a try?

In my response to the first reaction to CONFESSIONS to be posted on my Chit, Chat & Pics page I've described how this book relates to my earlier ROVER'S TALES. God... dog... The poster also asks if I've gone dyslexic. Take a look?

Here's my first story offering as an electronic publication, at just under $1 - available from Amazon, Smashwords and all the major electronic platforms.

I really like the cover. It was done for me by Sam Camden-Smith.

FAMILY TRIO contains three stories about the family of private detectives who have featured in the novels FAMILY BUSINESS and FAMILY PLANNING. (The third novel in the series, FAMILY WAY, is out in the US this December.)

In "The Jane Case" the Old Man starts working out at the gym but when he watches a young man who runs oddly on a treadmill he finds a client. David's initiative helps solve the case and Marie sets up in a new enterprise.

In "And Maybe More" Salvatore has dinner with a woman who advertized on a dating site - strictly business, of course. Meanwhile Gina and Mama unravel the source of Marie's sudden wealth.

In "Gun Point" Angelo is held up on his way home from a drawing class and Rosetta meets a policeman who's only just moved to Bath.

These stories have been published before in mystery magazines but I've rewritten them all significantly for this, my first venture into electronic publishing. It's available for all major electronic platforms and for direct download to computers. Give it a try and let me know what you think?

Latest-to-first: the eighth Albert Samson novel is available on Kindle and in paperback.

Meanwhile there's a relatively new paperback edition of ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION, available from and all good online bookshops. ASK was the first ever Albert Samson novel and it's been forty+ years now since it was first published.

Check the picture - it's one I took on one of my research trips to Indianapolis.

2009 marked the 40th anniversary of many things - first men on the moon, the Miracle Mets, PBS, Woodstock, Monty Python, Nancy Banks-Smith's first wicked TV reviews, the forerunner of the internet, Sesame Street. And Albert Samson.

Albert Samson? you say. Although the first Samson novel was published in 1971, I began writing it in November of '69. Recently I discovered the manuscript of those first few pages. This is what page one looked like:

Can you spot a line or two that survived intact in the published edition?

On this site I hope to provide a combination of accurate information about my current and past writing along with some less work-focussed bits and pieces. I normally have a look at the site each day.

So, look around and then, if you care to, comment on the Chit, Chat & Pics page, sign up for a very occasional newsletter, or contact me with the links provided.

And in any case, thanks for checking in.

A special greeting to my Japanese readers:

I'm proud of the beautiful falcon that I was so fortunate to receive when I won the Maltese Falcon Society's award for Best Foreign Novel in 1987. It's here in my living room - along with another prized possession, my 1992 "Marlowe" from the Raymond Chandler Society in Germany. And some tulips from my patio garden.

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