The beginnings of two recent stories in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine are below in the middle column. You may not know, but EQMM is available on Kindle.

EYE OPENER, the latest Albert Samson novel, was published by Five Star in December, 2004.

The second Lunghi family novel was FAMILY PLANNING.

Other up-coming, and recent stuff

Latest and forthcoming short stories.

The first ever Albert Samson short story, "The Wilt of Love", was be included in the February 2009 issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Two more Samson stories will come along, probably in 2011. For a link to EQMM go to the upper left hand corner of my Home page.

The story "Death Row" was published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine in March 2008.

Three of my stories were published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine in 2007.

In March EQMM published Wheeze from The IDEAS Experiment, the booklet I describe on my home page.

Then in May there were two short stories, They Never Listen and D'Ya Hear Me. Both feature card playing friends, Garth and Annette, who are fed up with doing nothing in the face of some of their problems. Copies of these stories are available in my story offer.

Two latest short stories about the Lunghi family of private detectives were published in 2006. The Jane Case appeared in April's Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. In it, the Old Man takes up keep-fit by going to the gym at the Bath YMCA. The story was included in the anthology THE BEST BRITISH MYSTERIES IV.

In And Maybe More Salvatore answers a lonely hearts ad - but it's strictly for work, of course. This was in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine in the September/​October edition.

Copies of these two stories are available in my story offer.

However a new Lunghi short story will appear in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, probably in 2011.

In February Ellery Queen also published the latest Lt. Leroy Powder story, called 911. In it a woman is worried about a neighbor who seems to be missing but instead of calling 911, she comes to the local police station where Powder now operates from. Copies of this story are available in my story offer.

And Cigarettes, was in the 2004 September-October double issue of Ellery Queen. It was also included in the anthology, BEST BRITISH MYSTERIES 2006. And it was also in the June '04 issue of Giallo in Japan along with an interview and several pictures of me in my apartment. A radio version was broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Copies of this story are available in my story offer.

The radio version of "Cigarettes" was broadcast in on Radio 4 in Britain.

The first Rover story in several years "Rover - CSI was published in the October '03 issue of "Indy Men's Magazine". I wrote it in part to mark the "Wanted for Murder" appearance on behalf of the public library that took place at Butler University.

Not quite so latest other stuff.

Also, ROVER’S TALES has been published in Chinese - the publisher is Wisdom & Knowledge.

Several Albert Samson novels were published in German by Diogenes in hardback and paperback. The most recent was ANRUF VOM PANTHER, aka CALLED BY A PANTHER. Over the years several Samson radio adaptations were broadcast on stations in Germany.

THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF COMIC CRIME, published by Carroll & Graf in the US and Robinson in the UK, includes my story, “Dr Bud, CA.”


ANYTHING TO WIN by Michael Z Lewin

As you'll see above, I'm hoping that the new characters in this story will grow into future stories and longer fiction.

This story is unusual for me - as you'll see above. It's a kind of locked-room cosy mystery.

OH JOE was published in July (Five Star, $25.95, ISBN-13: 9781594146671)

The Booklist review said:

"Joe Prince drives a truck, loves his girlfriend, Kelly, and their infant son, Little Joe. But that isn’t enough to keep him from straying... As a form of self-imposed house arrest, he agrees to house-sit shady old pal George Wayne’s permanently anchored houseboat in the middle of a large Indianapolis reservoir... A day or so later Joe finds himself under arrest for Wayne’s murder...

Lewin, nominated for three Edgars, may be best known as the creator of quirky Indianapolis private eye Albert Samson. He is as gently humorous and ironic as ever, and readers will find a kindred soul in Joe, as likeably flawed as any recent protagonist in mystery fiction. A very enjoyable experience.— Wes Lukowsky"

And a Washington State reader (Dave Rystrom) wrote:

I finished Joe a few days ago. I read it fairly slowly, as I do any book I really like, to better enjoy. I loved it. Like many of your books, I could never quite tell where it was going. Joe is a great character, not quite like any of your others I've met; a good guy, but not always too bright, and a nice self-awareness of his weaknesses. Hey, there was a lot of sex in it! Well, Joe thinks about it a lot anyway. I liked the last scene. I thought "Is this real or another of Joe's dreams?", which I guess was maybe what the reader was supposed to think.

So... if you like the sound of it...

At the end of CALLED BY A PANTHER Albert Samson lost his licence to be a private detective. It happened because he failed to cooperate with the police - in the person of his high school friend Jerry Miller - as the police thought he should be. It's taken him years to be reinstated, which is where EYE OPENER begins.

The first seven Samson novels were published between 1971 to 1991. All are narrated by Albert Samson as he deals with cases brought to him at his various premises in Indianapolis.

Click on the titles for more information.

Crippen & Landru, 2001

This collection includes two stories that were nominated for Edgars, as well as a Leroy Powder story, all six Lunghi family stories, and the two stories I've published in which Dan Quayle is the crime-buster. There are long stories, short stories... There's even one new story - "Mr Hard Man."

There are also notes on the stories and an introduction that describes how I got into writing, crime writing, and short stories.

Click on the blue title for more information.

Leroy Powder was the second of my major Indianapolis characters. But in all the books many characters originally introduced in other Indy novels also appear. The second in the series, HARD LINE, won the "Falcon" for "Best Foreign Novel" in 1987 in Japan.

Click on the blue titles for more information.

Three generations of an Italian family work in their family business - a private detective agency in Bath, England. And where does a lot of the work get done? Over big family dinners, of course.

I started writing about the Lunghis in short stories, but they grew on me and into the novel, FAMILY BUSINESS. The first six short stories about them are collected in THE RELUCTANT DETECTIVE.

Click on the titles for more information.

Jan Moro, the narrator of UNDERDOG, is what you and I might call homeless, but he doesn’t think of himself that way. In his own mind he's just an entrepreneur who travels light – free of the encumbrances of mortgages and house repairs and taxes and the rest of it. But he's also a man for whom stories are important. He deals with the world through the stories he hears and the stories he tells. Kinda like a writer, I'd say...

In AND BABY WILL FALL, social worker, Adele Buffington, (who is Albert Samson's otherwise unnamed woman friend) has problems at work and problems with her personal life. The book was called CHILD PROOF in the UK. After six books with Samson, I figured she deserved a book of her own.

Willy Werth, in OUTSIDE IN, is a mystery writer on whom a real life murder intrudes. He finds fact a lot harder to handle than fiction and, in turn, he uses fiction to help him handle the fact - the book alternates chapters of Willy's life with chapters of the novel Willy is writing.

Click on the titles for more information.

I wrote this historical novel exactly as I'd write any other book, but the fact that a young woman is the central character encouraged Holt to publish it as a Young Adult book (NB those 5 star reviews on Amazon...)

It is set between the years of 1826 and 1895 and the action occurs in many parts of the US, in London, and on the high seas in between. There's a lot about 19th Century baseball too, in both the US and UK.

Click on the title for more information.

ROVER'S TALES, with illustrations by Karen Wallis, was published by St Martin's after an editor there saw the PawPaw Press edition of nine of the stories, TELLING TAILS.

There is also an anabridged audio version of ROVER'S TALES - in which I read the stories - that was brought out by Blackstone Audiobooks.

Rover is a stray dog who narrates the very short stories in these books. They describe his adventures wandering in a city (Indianapolis, though he doesn't know it) one summer. He finds a lot of dogs in trouble, and tries his best to help them out.

Click on the titles for more information.

One day I got a film script in the mail. Somebody wanted me, all right, but not for my acting abilies. Instead I was to write a novel based on the story that other people were writing and filming.

HOW TO BEAT COLLEGE TESTS does what it says on the package, but it was also a subversive book, as I explained in the final section.

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B - Albert Samson Novels
C - Short story collection
Stories written over a period of twenty years or so, along with an introduction - by me - about writing stories and an extensive bibliography of my crime writing. Click on the blue title for more information.
D - Leroy Powder Novels
The three Lt Leroy Powder novels. Click on the blue titles for more information.
E - The Lunghi family private detective novels
Three generations of an Italian family run a private detective agency in Bath, England. Ever seen a detective agency run as a family business? I don't think so. Click on the titles for more information.
F - other Indianapolis novels
A homeless "entrepreneur" in Indianapolis gets more than he bargains for when he sees an opportunity in UNDERDOG. Albert Samson's woman friend gets a book of her own in AND BABY WILL FALL. A mystery writer finds himself compelled to participate in a real life mystery in OUTSIDE IN. Click on the titles for more information.
G - a historical mystery
A young woman pursues her best friend's killer in 19th Century US and England. Click on the title for more information.
H - stories told by Rover
Rover, a stray dog, describes his live as a crusader on behalf of downtrodden dogs. Click on the titles for more information.
I - novelization of a film script and non-fiction book
Sean Connery starred in the movie THE NEXT MAN and I wrote the book while it was being filmed. HOW TO BEAT COLLEGE TESTS was my first book. Click on the titles for more information.