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Cherry blossom time in Bahth... Late April 2018
Blocking traffic with a sit-down in the main shopping street of Bath? Bath?? It's gotta be about something important. Or a bunch of things. All idiocies threatened by the local council. Like moving the Central Library, and green-lighting a cable car. Gawd. They're mad or bad. April 1, 2017
Carole King, at the piano, singing all of Tapestry in Hyde Park, London, 3 July 2016!
Keep Bath Central Library in the centre of Bath! I even managed to be shoved by the 5-O. 14 Feb 2017
Speaks for itself. February 2017
This year's cherries. Before... Mmmm. July 2016
And after. See the happy face? Mine too. July 2016
An accounts department requires a document that's none of its business? Here you go. Idiots. Aug 2017
Hard at work. June 9th, 2018
Family gathering, only two years after it was originally planned. Photo by Elsie. July 2014
Milford Haven Marina, waiting for high school friends. But the weather meant they couldn't dock and come ashore. So back to Bath in the rain. Boo. August 2015
Sweetcorn at night, in the street light. June 2015
It looks like a moon, I know, but this was nine-thirty in the morning.
Thinking about the fossils Mary Anning uncovered around Lyme Regis. July 2015
Solar eclipse over Bath 20 March 2015

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The boy really knows how to celebrate a birthday.
The author needed more time to reflect.