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I almost never go out to events these days. The most recent was on October 18th (2012) as part of The Warminster Festival. I rejoined my old touring colleagues, Peter Lovesey and Liza Cody, for "My Life in Books." It was unusual because we each talked about (and sometimes read from) books that had influenced us, from childhood on. I picked Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, The Rolling Stones (by Robert A Heinlein) and a Ross Macdonald book.

I'm not going to autumn mystery conferences in the US these days. Some of the events from previous conferences are referred to and pictured around this page. But otherwise life carries on in Bath.

For instance I went to the post office one evening during the early summer and ran into these blokes taking a picture of the football held in front of the Bath Post Office sign. It was for a friend, then on his fourth tour in Afghanistan, and the football features in weekly emails to him from wherever they happen to be. It shows that they haven't forgotten him. And till he gets home the football will never touch the ground.